Overtake x Sachs 3-way Suspension Installed on a Nismo GT-R!

Our good friend and local customer, Peter recently brought in his Nismo GT-R for some small carbon fiber upgrades – an Overtake Dry Carbon Roof, Overtake Carbon Fender Vents and Emblems, and some Overtake Embems to cap it all off. Little did we know that these mods would kick start his shared love for Overtake’s premium quality parts! After a suspension failure on his other GT-R, a Black Edition, he came to us for some suggestions, and we collaborated with him on a plan to not only upgrade his B.E., but also further improve the handling of his Nismo. Since Peter is a professional race driver, instructor and overall track junkie, the Overtake x Sachs Super GT race-car derived suspension was the perfect option to take his Nismo to the next level.

The Overtake suspension is produced by Sachs in Germany (an OEM and highly respected race team supplier), and is directly related to [derived from] their offering for the Super GT Nismo race vehicles. Overtake offers their coilovers in several configurations, including 2-way and 3-way, and as an experienced race driver, Peter opted for the 3-way specification. (For reference, our SPL demo car also features the 3-way version, and our other client’s car – with the complete Overtake carbon fiber exterior, and custom interior – features the 2-way version.)


Overtake Suspension Installed on Peter's GT-R Nismo - COMPARISON WITH OEM

The Overtake pieces are a direct replacement for the OEM (obviously, as proper motorsports-grade dampers with multiple adjustments, the Nissan electronics are not retained). The dampers are produced in full aluminum, which we decided to put to the test against the OEM steel shock bodies when it came to weight:

Overtake Suspension Installed on Peter's GT-R Nismo - Overtake 3-Way Suspension Weight
Overtake Suspension Installed on Peter's GT-R Nismo - OEM Weight

Some under car, installed shots:


As he’s a professional racing driver, Peter takes his Nismo to the track frequently; here’s a couple quick shots of the first suspension shakedown at Buttonwillow:

Overtake Suspension Installed on Peter's GT-R Nismo - Overtake 3-Way Suspension First Shakedown at Buttonwillow

Overtake Suspension Installed on Peter's GT-R Nismo - Overtake 3-Way Suspension First Shakedown at Buttonwillow

At HKS USA’s First Annual Speed Ring Event this past weekend, Peter won the Limited AWD Class Title with a time of 1’48”! He advised that his Overtake 3-Way suspension, paired with his new Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires were the major contributing factors to his win. He felt the car definitely had the capability to go faster, but was limited by the factory cooling systems’ capabilities.

Peter West GT-R Nismo with Overtake 3-Way Suspension Wins at HKS Speed Ring Event


For more information on the Overtake x Sachs Suspension, visit the product pages here:


GT-RR / Bulletproof Automotive Is Now An HKS Pro Dealer

Over the years we here at Bulletproof Automotive / GT-RR have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the best Japanese performance parts and aero parts manufacturers this beautiful industry has to offer. It is because of this hard work and dedication that we are happy to announce that as of January 1st, 2016 we have officially become an HKS pro dealer.

For those of us that have been in this industry for several years and even for those that are new, there is one name that has proven the test of time and has been battle tested time and time again, that name is HKS. Dating back to when they first began in 1973 to present date, HKS has offered and continues to offer a wide variety of aftermarket parts ranging from full engine internals such as connecting rods and camshafts to external parts such as blow off valves, full intercooler kits, exhaust systems, turbo kits, engine management systems and variety of other performance electronics.

We have always had a high amount of respect for HKS and their products, and during our recent visit to Tokyo Auto Salon we were happy to know that the respect is mutual. Thanks in part to our experience in the automotive community, specifically but not limited to Japanese brands, they approached us to become a pro dealer in the middle of 2015.

We are extremely humbled by our friends out at HKS Technical Factory in Japan who had some really kind words to say about us to HKS Corporate, which helped make this partnership a reality.

For any and all HKS inquires, feel free to contact us directly via phone +1 213.745.6954 or send us an email at sales@gt-rr.com.

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