POSTED ON July 28, 2017

PRODUCT FEATURE: Bulletproof Automotive / GT-RR Exclusive “Frozen Carbon” Wheels

PRODUCT FEATURE: Bulletproof Automotive / GT-RR Exclusive “Frozen Carbon” Wheels

Here at GT-RR / Bulletproof Automotive, we love carbon fiber! From our full carbon fiber-bodied Overtake demo car and customer builds, to our carbon fiber interior conversion services, we are obsessed with anything and everything carbon! Over the years, we’ve worked to find any creative way to use carbon fiber we could find. During our experimentation, we developed our exclusive “Frozen Carbon” wheels. Up until now, our Frozen Carbon wheels have been one of our lesser known offerings, with only a very select few sets existing. However, in the last year or so, we’ve seen renewed interest from customers looking to do something truly unique and set their cars apart.

It’s all in the details…

The Frozen Carbon process begins with an authentic wheel from any high-quality manufacturer (Rays, Advan, Work, ADV1, HRE etc.), which we then permanently add accents of real carbon fiber, and finally finish with colors inspired by BMW’s famous “Frozen” series of limited edition paint colors. The end result is a truly unique re-imagining of the original wheel, with details that true connoisseurs can appreciate. Frozen Carbon is available for virtually any wheel, and in virtually any color (we recommend satin or matte finishes).

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