Why GT-RR?

Quality Assurance

Everyone at GT-RR prides themselves in the quality of the products and services we provide. From the moment after you purchase online, our team will follow up to confirm the parts are exactly what you want and can answer any questions. Rest assure that nothing you buy from us will be a replicas. We inspect every shipment that comes in to our warehouse to assure that nothing is broken or damaged.

Real Value Pricing

We do things a little differently, all the prices on site include shipping costs to our office in Los Angeles, California. This does a few things for you; firstly it creates a built in cost savings since we are covering the import shipping, import taxes, and full insurance end-to-end costs. Secondly, no hidden fees will be sprung up after the fact you order it. Lastly, less hassles from not having to deal with all of the paperwork associated with customs. This applies to purchase in the United States. For our International customers, contact us for the various shipping options to ensure you get your package the fastest and at the best price possible. Direct shipping from the supplier to your door is often available worldwide!

Price Match Guarantee

Just in case you feel like you are getting the short end of the stick with the cost of a product, we will price match any of our competitor just to gain you as a customer. Please contact us if you want to redeem this offer.

World Class Builds

Due to our connection from being in the industry for so long, we know exactly who you should go to for any project. This network of the highest skill tuning shops has allowed us to make some of the best GT-R’s in the world for our customers.

No More Searching

Numerous occasions have occurred when a customer contacted us looking for a product they can’t find, literally, anywhere. After some searching, we always manage to find what they want. GT-RR loves to go above and beyond to make you happy, so if you don’t see that one thing you are looking for, contact us. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Safe and Secure

Industry’s safest credit card processor by Authorize.net. Your information will always stay confidential.