Endless MONO6 Sports Front Performance Brake System for R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec / V Spec II


Endless MONO6 Sports Front Performance Brake System for R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec / V Spec II

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Endless MONO6 Sports Front Performance Brake System for R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R V Spec / V Spec II

“MONO6 SPORTS TA” uses the latest processing technology to eliminate the outer pipe that is the flow path of the brake fluid, and prevents the fluid from leaking due to pipe breakage. In addition, the weight has been reduced and the stress balance has been improved compared to the conventional product, and the rigidity has been increased by 12%.

The caliper surface is 3D-cut, which is effective for heat dissipation, and the caliper that supports everything from dressing up to circuit driving has been completed.


  • Weight : 2660g
  • Size : 156mm x 71.3mm x 284mm
  • Corresponding Rotor Diameter : φ320mm – φ370mm
  • Std Color of Kit : Blue Alumite
  • Std Compound for Kit : SSM Plus / TYPE R / MX72 / MX72-Plus
  • Compatible Wheel Size : 17″

For racing, rally or street, Endless only uses the highest quality materials and design to achieve the best performance possible. These calipers will cope in the toughest of conditions without flexing or losing accuracy. Combine the calipers with RF650 Racing Super Fluid for optimum performance. Your pads will be applied and released with great precision and reliability.

Forged Monobloc Caliper Body

Monobloc Calipers forged and molded through several thousand tons of pressure. 4 years after its conception and 1 year after the completed prototype it was entered into test races repeatedly and changed its specifications while also obtaining a body that is sufficiently light and hard to compete in races. The processing of the highly difficult piston cylinder was cleared using advanced special technology. The finished body was completed using an ultra-hard anodized aluminum. It is the final product of the technology created by Endless and its “never-ending challenge” as it continues to focus on quality forging.

Blue Anodized Finish

When raw aluminum reacts with the oxygen in the air, a hard surface film develops on aluminum which prevents further degradation. The process is called oxidation, and you can think of it like rust. The anodizing process leverages this natural phenomenon, and takes it a step further to produce an extremely hard protective layer of aluminum oxide. The result is a finish that is far more appropriate for racetrack use. Anodizing creates a uniform surface that is much more abrasion resistant than paint or powder coat.

Curving Slit Brake Rotors

Drawing out the essential performance possessed by the brake pad and demonstrating optimum brake performance is an important role of the brake rotor. Curving Slit is a high-quality brake rotor which more than fulfills this role through Endless’ unique heat treatment and the application of the Endless Blue heat-resistant coating. Also, by making it low cost, it can be used by a wide variety of users, from replacements for rotors which have worn down to Street – Circuit driving.

Cost Effective, and More On So Many Levels

  • Endless Steel rotors are more cost effective, and offer a wider range of performance options. Many drivers and racing teams prefer the feel and characteristics of Endless steel rotors.

Special Heat Treatment Process

  • With prolonged hard driving, the rotor surface will expand and contract due to heat, causing fine cracks (heat cracks), and you will not be able to obtain appropriate friction. To prevent this, special heat treatment was performed in advance to stabilize the components of the rotor itself and significantly reduce heat cracks during hard driving. As a result, the life of the rotor has been extended, and it has become possible to use it for a long time with peace of mind.

Blue Rotor Hat Finish

  • The bell hat part is painted blue to aid in preventing corrosion resistance and also can be expected to have a dress-up effect.

About Bedding

Circuit-dedicated pads that emphasize high-temperature characteristics, in order to bring out the original performance, it is indispensable to perform the work called “bedding” in which heat is applied in advance before hard driving to make a hit.

Bedding is always done in the top categories SUPER GT, WRC and various races in Europe.

Before using semi-metal brake pads, proper bedding is required to stabilize high temperature performance and extend the life of the pads and rotors.

How to Bed

  • When driving on a circuit when a new product is installed, raise the rotor temperature to about 400 – 500° C while avoiding hard braking, and add atari. After that, if the temperature is lowered to 100° C or less by natural cooling, the process is completed.

Kit Contents

  • Endless Racing Calipers (2)
  • Brake Pad Set
  • Caliper Mounting Bracket (2)
  • Brake Rotor (2) – 370mm x 34mm
  • Brake Line (2)


  • It may not be possible to bring out the original performance of the brake pads when bedding in the rain. Bedding should be done in fine weather as much as possible.
  • Compatible wheels vary depending on the wheel brand and size.
  • Carving slit rotor is adopted as standard for this product.
  • Some MONO6 Sports kits use factory brake rotors.
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