Endless MX-72 Front Brake Pads for R35 Nissan GT-R


Endless MX-72 Front Brake Pads

Nissan GT-R

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Endless MX-72 Front Brake Pads for R35 Nissan GT-R

The Endless MX72, made of a ceramic-carbon-metallic compound, is a highly optimized production for extreme speeds and power. Its development hinges on sophisticated technology and intentional effort to meet the stringent demands of an extreme street compound. The brake pad is compatible with power brake systems with or without ABS and EPS features.

The versatility of MX72 allows for its use in circuit racing, like sports car club race days, eliminating the need for changing brake pads for such events. It possesses exceptional initial response and bite even at high speeds ranging from 250km/h to 300km/h, along with a great pedal feel and infrastructural balance.

Ceramic compounds, recognized as crucial to brake performance, are integral to the MX72’s composition. Each material used in its construction is selected carefully to reduce noise and dust while enhancing friction at lower temperatures. In addition to reducing rotor wear, the MX72 also improves upon the already impressive pedal feel characteristic of semi-metallic material pads, establishing itself as the ultimate, dual-purpose street and light-track compound.

The semi-metallic Endless MX72 reduces dust and brake noise while enhancing brake performance at lower temperatures. It increases brake stability during high-temperature conditions and helps mitigate rotor wear. Additionally, the brake pad has an improved pedal touch-up feature, accentuating the advantages of semi-metallic materials.


  • Working Temp: 50-700°C
  • Average Friction Coefficient: 0.37-0.47
  • Material: Semi Metallic (ceramic carbon metal)
  • Driving Fields: Street-Circuit
  • Initial Braking: 9
  • Low Dust: 8
  • Less Noise: 7
  • Feel of Pedal: 9
  • Abrasion Resistant: 8
  • Controllability: 8


  • 2009+ Nissan GT-R: R35


  • This set includes a set of front brake pads (4 total).

About Endless

Endless is a Japan-based company recognized for its unwavering commitment to quality. Every concept born within its walls is designed in-house and manufactured domestically in Japan. The organization executes thorough quality control, with a manufacturing and development policy that prioritizes safety above all else. It believes in the careful selection of appropriate materials, maintaining 1/1000mm surface accuracy in every product it manufactures.

Endless is also renowned for its technological innovation. Its unique lamination sintered wire mesh back plate exemplifies the technical prowess of the Endless team. The company is known for its trademark ceramic carbon rotors, a gift of Endless’s advanced technical design. Alongside this, it utilizes a proprietary sintered compound in its manufacturing processes.

Endless also stands as a beacon in the world of competitive motor sports. It is the preferred choice of many winning teams, with a substantial presence in European competitions. The company not only manufactures gear but also actively participates in motor sport events with its own company’s team, reflecting the significance of its brand in these high-speed engagements. For Endless, every race presents an opportunity to showcase the superior strength and performance of its ‘Made in Japan Quality’.

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