Bulletproof Exclusive Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec Wheel Set w/ Center Caps for Widebody R35 Nissan GT-R

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Bulletproof Exclusive Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec Wheel Set w/ Center Caps for Widebody R35 Nissan GT-R

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Bulletproof Exclusive Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec Wheel Set w/ Center Caps for Widebody R35 Nissan GT-R

The TE37 Ultra is the strongest TE37 in history. Full stop. Some say it was designed specifically with the R35 GT-R in mind. Seeing them installed on the car, one could make the assumption that the R35 was designed with this wheel in mind. The look is purposeful, powerful and it backs that up with some of the best performance from any wheel, anywhere. This powerhouse wheel design was built with the express purpose of standing up to the most powerful cars anywhere on earth. It’s no wonder you’ll find the TE37 Ultra equipped to some of the highest horsepower R35 GT-R’s anywhere on the planet. The perfect combination of extreme strength and shockingly light weight make it the ultimate pairing to compliment built monsters with 4 figure power numbers.


  • The timeless TE37 design aesthetic known the world over is on full display in this amped up example of the breed. The M Spec version takes the design of the Ultra in an ever so slightly more subtle direction by eliminating the machined ring that featured so prominently on the standard TE37 Ultra. This particular set provides bespoke fitment for the R35 that perfectly compliments the lines of the vehicle while providing a muscular, wide and flush stance.


  • Thanks to the incredible strength of these wheels, they are equally at home on the track as they are on pothole ridden city streets. This is the ultimate, no compromise solution for daily drivers, weekend warriors and full on extreme track builds.

Cutting-Edge RAYS Analysis Technology

  • The existence of advanced software (analysis technology) along with hardware suitable for performance (manufacturing equipment) is essential for the production of aluminum wheels. RAYS makes full use of the data cultivated through F1 and other state-of-the-art racing activities for road wheels, and by establishing its own development department and analyzing and analyzing, the wheels are extremely lightweight and safe.
  • Various data obtained in the development of racing wheels are accumulated and fed back to street wheels. The data obtained there is further accumulated, and this time it is utilized for road wheel development. RAYS does not separate race wheels and street wheels, and shares all data and manufacturing technology to develop excellent wheels. Analysis technology, including stiffness analysis, is the cornerstone of this series of wheel development.
  • Rays wheels are made with this technology that leads to more ideal wheels by analyzing wheels designed through various processes. Another important role of wheel analysis technology is to thoroughly analyze designs that would normally be considered unrealizable and lead them to feasible designs.
  • High-performance, high-quality wheels at an affordable price.

RAYS Forging Technology

  • Due to the difficulty of manufacturing forged wheels, there are only a limited number of manufacturers worldwide. Among them, RAYS has top-level technical capabilities. RAYS takes pride above all else in providing high-performance forged wheels to customers at reasonable prices while offering a variety of design proposals to meet market needs and a wide range of sizes through constant technological innovation.
  • RAYS forged wheels have achieved the No. 1 market share in Japan for many years (according to the aluminum wheel sales data released by JAWA every year). Of course, it’s not just the number that sells, but the high rate of installation on circuits in Japan and overseas, and the numerous victories we have won in the GT1 World Championship and domestic GT Championships, support our solid technology.
  • Express the high-performance forged wheels that many users want in various designs and sizes, and strive to make them available to anyone not only in Japan but around the world. At the same time, RAYS believes that by competing in the competitive racing scene and combining technology that transcends the boundaries between race wheels and road wheels, it is possible to inject the best performance into affordable forged wheels.

Versatile RAYS Casting Technology

  • Rays has released over 60 items from over 10 casting brands. In addition, the number is close to 1,300 when combined with various color variations and various size settings. This number is undoubtedly one of the best in the world for a single wheel manufacturer.
  • Supporting the feet of high-power sports, coloring the dress-up scene, running out of the city and running on the earth… There are a wide variety of elements required for cast wheels, from sports to dress-up, from large SUVs to light vehicles.
  • Rays has development capabilities that can quickly respond to diversifying user needs, and a flexible high-mix, low-volume production system that responds to the ever-changing custom market. RAYS cast wheels will respond to all needs by making full use of outstanding casting technologies.

All In All

  • The Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec Wheel is a unique wheel that offers superior strength, lightness, and style. A one-piece forged wheel, made with high-grade aluminum alloy, and is designed to maximize rigidity and reduce unsprung weight. The wheel features a modern, aggressive design that is inspired by the classic TE37 wheel. The wheel is also designed to be resistant to corrosion and weathering. The wheel is offered in a variety of sizes and finishes, including matte black with machined accents, gloss black with machined accents, and gold with machined accents. The Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec Wheel is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-performance wheel that looks great and is designed to last.


  • 2009+ Nissan GT-R – R35



  • Diameter (in) : 20
  • Width (in) : 11
  • Offset (mm) : 15
  • PCD : 5×114.3
  • Face : 4
  • Requires Wide Front Fenders


  • Diameter (in) : 20
  • Width (in) : 12
  • Offset (mm) : 20
  • PCD : 5×114.3
  • Face : 4


  • These wheel sets are a Bulletproof Exclusive Deep Concave Front Fitment specific to Varis and other widebody GT-Rs. Every other set of the TE37 Ultras use a Face 3 front and a Face 4 rear. This spec provides a deeper Face 4 front to really take the look to the next level.

About Rays / Volk Racing

The Concept Is Racing

  • Rays participates in top-level races such as the F-1 and GT1 World Championships, as well as races in all categories beyond the competition level. Now, the field of activity is not limited to Japan, and they are actively participating in races in the United States and Europe.
  • Racing is the forefront of development that Rays cannot do without, and above all, it is a place for serious competition. RAYS believes that in a race where everyone is aiming to win, deception can’t be done, and putting yourself in a competition where only the real thing is left can improve the performance of road wheels.
  • The Rays have won titles in numerous categories, but winning is not the only goal. The most important thing is to gain the experience and know-how that comes from racing in tenths of a second, while proving that you are right by winning.
  • At the wheel development site, the line between on-computer testing and physical testing is now almost non-existent. Experience is the key here. The numerical values ​​that computers tell them are based on the data them have accumulated through their own experiences. It is nothing more than the result that appears on the screen through the filter of the computer. However, by using the constantly updated data, it is not impossible to create even lighter and stronger wheels that we thought had reached their limits.
  • And that know-how is not limited to the category of sports wheels, but is equally distributed to all RAYS wheels. The know-how to achieve lightness and strength is utilized not only for high-performance forged wheels and cast sports wheels, but also for dress-up wheels that adorn the feet of sedans and minivans. For that reason, Rays stubbornly protect their in-house development and in-house production, above all, made in Japan. This is the meaning of Rays’ “Concept is Racing”.

All Made In Japan

  • They want to provide all RAYS wheel users with maximum peace of mind and maximum satisfaction. And in order to send out wheels with absolute confidence, Rays is particular about Made in Japan. Interpret user needs, incorporate RAYS quality, and deliver to the market with reliable quality. The answer they came up with is their company’s integrated system* (All Rays), an all-Japan system.
  • Rays has users in all categories, from users who have purchased commercial wheels to teams competing in races such as Formula One and GT championships. The performance required in each field is different, but we have aimed for a higher level by crossing technology and know-how in all wheels.
  • In order to realize this quality supremacy principle, an in-house integrated system is essential. RAYS made in Japan has more value than words.
  • At RAYS, they deliver wheels in all categories through our integrated system from planning to development, manufacturing, and inspection. Race wheels that fight in the harshest conditions, forged wheels that excel in performance, and cast wheels that shine brilliantly on the street are all made with the latest technology and the pride of Made by Rays.

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