Advan Racing GT Beyond Wheel Set w/ Center Caps for R35 Nissan GT-R


Advan Racing GT Beyond Wheel Set with Center Caps

Nissan GT-R

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Advan Racing GT Beyond Wheel Set w/ Center Caps for R35 Nissan GT-R

The timeless ADVAN Racing GT design has been slightly revised, marking the first update since it was launched. It’s called “GT BEYOND.” This evolution of the GT and GT Premium takes the same balanced approach to maximizing strength and light weight and is tailor made to add performance to the most powerful road and circuit vehicles. It is designed for maximum concavity, taking into account the rim width and inset, as well as the caliper clearance of the vehicle of that size. The ADVAN Racing GT logo on the spokes is engraved with the same 3D processing machine as the GT Premium Version. However, the “BEYOND” logo is proudly replaced with the A6061-T6 letters.

This is the wheel set the GT-R was born to wear. Perfect sizing allows for aggressive tire combinations that don’t interfere with Godzilla’s all wheel drive sorcery and absolutely take the look to the next level. It’s no surprise the Advan GT has been chosen to grace the most extreme GT-R builds on the planet. The offsets are perfectly chosen to clear massive brake calipers while providing an extremely concave look (Face 5 in the rear!). The engineering in these wheels goes far beyond their timeless look and provides an excellent reduction in unsprung, rotating weight while offering more nimble handling characteristics.


  • Adopting the mold forging method using A6061 aluminum alloy, it achieves the highest peak wheel performance available. The rim shape adopts a barrel rim shape that corresponds to larger braking systems.
  • As a result of adopting the barrel rim shape, the outer rim depth is fixed for all sizes, and 5 types of spoke concave shapes are set depending on the rim width, inset, and compatible model.
  • Side cuts are applied only to the tip and base of the side of the spokes to control the balance between lightness and strength, and at the same time, gain an appearance that can be seen at a glance as BEYOND.
  • Logo character engraving specifications on the top of the spokes by a 3D processing machine. The A6061-T6 part of the GT Premium Version logo has been changed to BEYOND and engraved.
  • All sizes use knurling to prevent tire rim slippage.
  • Available in Machining & Racing Hyper Black, Racing Titanium Black and Racing Copper Bronze



  • Diameter : 20″
  • Width : 10″
  • Offset : 30mm
  • PCD : 5×114.3


  • Diameter : 20″
  • Width : 12″
  • Offset : 20mm
  • PCD : 5×114.3


  • 2009+ Nissan GT-R – R35


  • These wheels are sold in sets of four and include matching center caps. Price includes free shipping the Continental US only.
  • The price covers shipping to the Continental US at no additional cost.


About Advan Racing

Advan Racing is a prominent and well-respected brand in the world of motorsports. This highly revered Japanese company specializes in the production of high-performance racing wheels with superior quality and innovative designs. They are an elite subsidiary of Yokohama Rubber Company, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tires.

Since its inception, Advan Racing has been consistently committed to achieving excellence in both design and performance. The company boasts an impressive catalog of specialized racing wheels that are known for their strength, durability, and light weight. Many of these products have enjoyed success and high recognition on internationally renowned racing circuits.

True to its brand reputation, Advan Racing merges rigorous testing with cutting-edge technology to offer premium wheels that cater to the discerning needs of global racing enthusiasts. Every Advan Racing wheel undergoes a meticulous series of QA procedures, which includes rigorous track-testing to measure its performance and endurance under the most gruelling race conditions.

Advan Racing’s track record is enviable. Their products have been part of many pivotal motorsport events, demonstrating a performance that has helped teams clinch victories and podium finishes. This continued contribution to the world of motor racing has led to the brand’s recognition as a significant contributor to the advancement of motorsports technology.

Alongside its remarkable success in the racing arena, Advan Racing also offers high-performance wheels catering to enthusiasts off the track, promoting a racing culture among consumers. Their wheels are popular amongst automotive enthusiasts seeking superb performance and aesthetic appeal.

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