Moton Suspension 3-Way Motorsport Street Coilovers for R35 Nissan GT-R


2009+ Nissan GT-R – Moton Suspension 3-Way Motorsport Street Coilovers

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Moton Suspension 3-Way Motorsport Street Coilovers for R35 Nissan GT-R

Designed with serious racers in mind, the Moton 3 Way Motorsport suspension for the GT-R is delivering an unrivalled level of quality and handling. It stands out as one of the best suspensions available on today’s market.

This coilover system is particularly noteworthy compared to other similar products owing to its advantageous features, including remote oil reservoirs which help regulate temperature and quick-release hydraulic lines that make set up simpler in certain models. Furthermore, independent dampener alteration allows for single adjustments of compression or rebound while adjustable spring perches unite to guarantee dependable performance.


  • Improved platform stability
  • An enhanced gripping force and a steadier grip, for example when maneuvering turns on the racetrack
  • Eliminates concerns about rocks and road debris, making even the most uneven and bumpy tracks smoother
  • If and when participating in a race, the suspension system is also intended to extend the life of the tire
  • Simple to set up and work with
  • The driver can sense any changes to the suspension settings
  • Proven reliability
  • Rebuildable / Revalveable


  • This coilover set provides you with the capability to make precision tweaks within a range of 6-15 clicks, enabling modulation of shock dampening while accelerating or braking as well as its rate when returning back
  • This exceptional canister is fitted with a blow-off valve system to cushion the impacts of bumps and jolts that occur while driving
  • Increasing the size of the piston rod to boost the quantity of fluid displaced
  • The gas pressure is automatically adjusted in order to boost the lifting force
  • A primary piston of substantial size created for a swift reaction to alteration
  • No adjustments need to be made prior to driving in order to prevent the slowing down of speed when traveling at lower speeds
  • The installation of a banjo-type fitting with rotating couplings on the hoses simplifies connecting to and disconnecting from a remote fluid storage reservoir
  • Double digressive pistons (DDPs) can be selected as an option
    – The wheels that do not have a drive system should be outfitted with two double digressive pistons
    – Double digressive pistons that are compatible with struts/shocks can be applied for both four-wheel drive (4WD) and front-wheel drive (FWD) vehicles
    – All vehicles that feature rear-wheel drive are fitted with double digressive pistons technology in the struts/shocks on both of its front axles


  • Product – Moton Suspension 3-Way Motorsport Coilovers (True Rear)
  • System – Alloy body, true rear
  • Spring Kit – Included
  • Top Mounts – Front & Rear included
  • Front Top Mounts – Solid, no camber adjustment
  • Rear Top Mounts – Solid, no camber adjustment
  • Adjustable drop links needed? No
  • Adjustable front drop links available (additional cost)? No
  • DDP Pistons included? No
  • DDP Pistons available (additional cost)? Yes


  • 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R – CBA-R35
  • 2012-2016 Nissan GT-R – DBA-R35
  • 2017+ Nissan GT-R – EBA-R35

About Moton Suspension

Moton has been an innovator in the field of shock absorbers and related products since its establishment in 2000. They have become a leading provider of high quality dampers used by professional races all over the world. Their unique combination of expertise, experience and testing allows them to produce exceptional products at competitive prices for both standard street use as well as industrial applications tailored to customer specifications. They take pride their work which continues evolve on higher levels due to partners like Roosen Industries group – ready for next level.

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