Mine’s Racing Titanium Competition Muffler for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]


2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

Racing Competition Muffler, Titanium by Mine’s for R35 GT-R

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Mines presents its Competition Exhaust, a lighter and more durable exhaust for racing. It weighs only 9.6kg (21 pound) and the tip boasts darker blue than the standard titanium exhaust. Characteristics:

  • 4 X 130mm Tail Ends
  • Super Titanium
  • Width of curved pipe increased from 70mm to 80mm
  • Super Light Weight
  • Impressive Racing Sound

Mine’s has developed this Racing Competition Muffler specifically for our foreign customers residing in areas with freedom towards modified cars. Compared to our domestic product this new mufflers construction has been modified to gain more power and better response. You will find the sound of this muffler to produce louder music without the nasty ripping noise and uncomfortable bass. The materials used are titanium and super titanium with the ratio towards the super titanium being emphasized. By using more of the super titanium we have produced a muffler with greater durability and greater heat tolerance. The construction of this muffler is based on the philosophy of gaining faster air flow by increasing the diameter of the pipe where the pipe is bent. The connection from the main pipe is 70mm wide, and the section that turns 180 degrees has been increased to 80mm to maximize the flow of air. The tail end has a stunning diameter of 130mm and has also been given the impressive full volume tail design with the trademark scorched blue finish. By taking maximum advantage of the lightweight characteristics of the material and downsizing the silencer, Mine’s has been able to significantly reduce the weight of the muffler as a whole. By shaving off the rear ends weight we aimed at assisting the driver with more stable cornering and better response when accelerating and down shifting. (This muffler can be attached to the stock front pipes catalyzer.) Pipe diameter 80mm – 70mm x2 – 80mm x2 – 70mm x2 – 130mm x4

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