Kline Exhaust System for R35-CBA / DBA Nissan GT-R


Exhaust System

2009-2016 Nissan GT-R / 3.8L Twin-Turbocharged V6

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Kline Exhaust System for R35-CBA / DBA Nissan GT-R

As quick as a supercar and capable as a hypercar, the GTR can outperform many renowned supercar breeds. Its 3.8L twin-turbo V6, an engineering marvel, boasts considerable potential beyond its factory-set 475hp. Naturally, Kline was eager to construct the ultimate GTR exhaust. Their criteria included design flexibility and cross-section tunability to align perfectly with the desired power, whether for a 1400hp behemoth or a 650hp daily drive. Kline can provide the best in materials and expertise to make the dream a reality.

The Innovation

  • Given that the 3.8L V6 engine is mounted at the front of the GTR, designing and crafting an exhaust of high sound and performance standards might seem relatively simple. However, Kline, with its intense pursuit of perfection, aimed to take their GTR exhaust to unprecedented heights. They achieved this through a mix of elegant design, uncompromising materials, and meticulous acoustic and fluid dynamic modeling.
  • Establishing the standard, Kline introduces the world’s first GTR exhaust made entirely from Inconel 625 Formula One-grade material. Inconel is exceptionally lightweight, with their GTR system being one of the lightest resonated 89mm systems globally. Inconel also offers incredible durability, with high thermal and chemical stability, and unlike titanium systems, it doesn’t fatigue and crack over time.

The Sound

  • By removing the quad 400-cell catalysts and replacing them with either racing pipes or 100cpsi catalysts, the sound becomes more enriched and fuller, along with enhanced torque and power response. Replacing the resonated Y-pipe with a free-flow variant further amplifies the sound while reducing the exhaust’s weight. By enlarging and simplifying the rear silencer section, they have essentially consolidated the volume of the three-silencer factory setup into a more efficient twin rear silencer design, further lightening the setup. The rear silencers are volumetrically tuned to remove bass drone at cruising speeds while providing a rich, aggressive note at high RPMs. Constructed from thin sidewall Inconel, with high latent resonant frequency, the sound is accentuated in the treble frequencies, delivering a higher pitched, more aggressive sound when required. The sound produced by Inconel is truly electrifying!


  • Racing Version yields 48hp gain @ 6500rpm and 73nm gain @ 3800rpm.

Stainless Steel

  • 304-grade stainless steel, popular in exhaust manufacturing, provides durability, thermal stability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of fabrication. However, for high-performance exhaust components, its considerable weight and limited tensile strength present challenges, and the need for thicker walls may adversely impact the exhaust’s sound.


  • On the other hand, Inconel 625, renowned for its toughness and heat resistance, is often chosen to create critical components like high-performance jet engine exhaust turbine blades. It’s the preferred material for Formula One exhaust systems and high-profile hypercar projects such as the McLaren P1 and Aston Martin 177. Despite Inconel’s capability to withstand temperatures above 1000°C and its focus on lightweight design, it presents unique challenges due to complex machinability and specialized welding requirements.

Carbon Fiber

  • Carbon fiber reinforced polymer, with an exceptionally high tensile strength-to-weight ratio, outperforms all metals. Extremely lightweight and high tensile strength components can be molded into almost any shape. Kline exclusively uses aerospace and Formula 1 grade pre-preg carbon fiber, cured in an autoclave at high pressure and temperature, to deliver the lightest and strongest carbon fiber for the most extreme conditions.

The Specifics

  • Cross Section
    • Downpipes – Dual 76mm OD
    • Y-Pipe – Dual 76mm OD into Single 89mm OD (available in either a racing version, or with 100cpsi HJS catalyst)
    • Rear Section – Single 89mm OD into Dual 76mm OD Y Section / Quad 63.5mm OD Tail Sections
    • These dimensions of their 89mm system, which is tailored to cater to a power range of 750-1000hp.
    • The chosen dimensions are designed to preserve the cross-sectional area and gas velocity, ensuring the maximum efficiency of gas transition.
  • Materials
    • Full Inconel 625 (formula one grade) – Downpipes: 2.0kg Each / Y-Pipe: 3.7kg / Rear Section: 9.5kg
      Total: 16.6kg / 26.8kg Weight Saving
    • 304 Stainless Steel – Downpipes: 5.5kg Each / Y-Pipe: 7.0kg / Rear Section: 17kg
      Total: 29.5kg / 12.5kg Weight Saving
  • Tails
    • 127mm quad carbon tips available.


  • 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R / 3.8L Twin-Turbocharged V6 – R35-CBA
  • 2012-2016 Nissan GT-R / 3.8L Twin-Turbocharged V6 – R35-DBA


  • While certain images might display optional y-pipes and carbon fiber tips, it’s important to note that these components are not part of the standard exhaust system package.

About Kline Innovation

At Kline, exhaust design is approached with utmost seriousness. The company adopts a no-compromise stance when it comes to delivering a product that meets the highest standards and satisfies customers’ expectations.

Kline offers a comprehensive original equipment design and manufacturing service. Starting from provided drawings or design briefs, the team utilizes advanced 3D modeling techniques to create final designs. They also provide valuable consultation during the process and are capable of manufacturing tooling and fixtures for production, as well as handling final production runs, particularly catering to low to medium volume needs. Kline’s commitment to excellence ensures that customers receive a top-quality product without any compromises.


  • All projects at Kline are executed entirely in-house, utilizing a diverse range of processes. These internal capabilities include laser scanning, CNC laser cutting, CNC mandrel bending, tubing and silencer manufacturing, CNC welding, pressings, CNC milling, mold manufacturing, and autoclave carbon fiber production. Notable automotive clients, such as W Motors with their Fenyr Supersport, Corbellati Missile, and RUF Automobil, have recently collaborated with Kline.
  • Kline has expanded its design and manufacturing process by incorporating laser scanning capabilities. This valuable addition enables the team to achieve enhanced precision in both design and quality control, resulting in an exceptional end product for customers. The adoption of laser scanning technology at Kline showcases the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering superior outcomes.
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