HKS GTII 7467 Symmetry Turbo Kit (GT900) 14001-AK024


2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

HKS GTII 7467 Symmetry Turbo Kit (GT900)

HKS Part Number: 14001-AK024

Cannot be shipped to California addresses for street use. This kit was developed exclusively for off-road race use only. HKS will not be responsible for engine and/or transmission damage caused by the use of this kit. This kit must be used without the catalytic converters. Because of this, the vehicle cannot be driven on any public roads or highways. Any vehicle with this kit installed may void the factory manufacturer’s warranty.


HKS GTII 7467 Symmetry Twin Turbo (GT900) for R35 GTR

These new turbos are designed for those looking to exceed the already impressive offerings of the GT800 and GT1000turbo kits. By utilizing a symmetrical turbo layout, all piping and routing is optimized, yielding a better form factor and potentially easier tuning and response.

PN: 14001-AK024

*GT900 Setup Kit is sold separately