BLITZ AERO SPEED R-Concept Carbon Gurney Flap for R35-EBA Nissan GT-R


BLITZ AERO SPEED R-Concept Carbon Gurney Flap

Nissan GT-R

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BLITZ AERO SPEED R-Concept Carbon Gurney Flap for R35-EBA Nissan GT-R

Introducing the BLITZ AERO SPEED R-Concept Carbon Gurney Flap, an exclusive accessory designed for the R35-EBA Nissan GT-R. Part of the distinguished AERO SPEED series, this Gurney Flap adds a touch of aerodynamic mastery and aggressive styling to your GT-R. A Gurney Flap that can be seamlessly added as an accent to the original wing, giving it a natural and complementary appearance.

Material and Design

  • The Carbon Gurney Flap is crafted from wet carbon fiber, known for its superior strength, light weight, and distinctive appearance. The design focuses on aerodynamic function without compromising the GT-R’s inherent aesthetics, perfectly aligning with the vehicle’s contours.

Aerodynamic Functionality

  • Engineered for performance, the Gurney Flap serves to increase downforce and reduce aerodynamic drag. This results in enhanced stability and handling at high speeds, providing a notable improvement in the vehicle’s performance on both the road and racetrack.

Stylish Enhancement

  • The sleek carbon finish not only complements the GT-R’s existing design but adds a striking visual element. The Gurney Flap accentuates the vehicle’s sporty appearance, making it a choice accessory for those wanting to emphasize their car’s racing heritage.


  • The aero system is specifically customized for individual vehicles, with the goal of melding aerodynamics with a sturdy design.
  • It showcases a front bumper characterized by a distinct design with a generous opening, suitable for accommodating a front-mounted intercooler.
  • Certain models in the lineup are equipped with LED light sets, designed to integrate flawlessly with the bumper.
  • The series may also include additional features like side and rear components, GT wings, among others, representing a complete aero system that emphasizes both aerodynamic efficiency and intake effectiveness.
  • Furthermore, all models in the lineup are engineered to enable the installation of genuine tow hooks and license plates.
  • This aero kit serves to augment the aesthetic and performance qualities of the Nissan GT-R, a symbol of Japanese multi-performance vehicular excellence.


  • 2017+ Nissan GT-R: R35-EBA


  • The part is unpainted with white gel coat.
  • Stickers are not included.
  • BLITZ also offers a number of related parts.


Blitz Co., Ltd., based in Japan, is a renowned name in the automotive aftermarket industry, specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of performance-enhancing automotive parts and accessories. Founded in the early 1980s, Blitz has earned a reputation for innovation and quality in a highly competitive field. What started as a small venture focusing on racing technology has now grown into a global brand recognized for its cutting-edge products.

Blitz’s product range includes everything from turbochargers, intercoolers, and exhaust systems to suspension parts, air filters, and aero body kits. The company is well-known for the AERO SPEED series and other products that blend both performance and aesthetics. The company invests heavily in research and development, ensuring that their products not only meet but often exceed the stringent demands of the automotive industry. The combination of technology and creativity has enabled Blitz to introduce products that have revolutionized the automotive aftermarket sector.

Blitz has a strong presence in motorsports, actively participating in various racing events around the world. Their products are not only designed for everyday drivers but are rigorously tested and proven on the track. This commitment to racing excellence is at the heart of the company’s philosophy.

Blitz Co., Ltd. is more than just an automotive parts manufacturer; it is a symbol of innovation, quality, and a passion for driving excellence. With a rich history, a comprehensive product line, and a vision that extends beyond profit, Blitz continues to set the pace in the automotive aftermarket industry. Their products are a testament to their dedication to enhancing the driving experience for automobile enthusiasts around the world.

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