AbFlug Front Bumper for 2009-11 Nissan GT-R (CBA) [R35] 25030001/20141110001


2009-11 Nissan GT-R (CBA) [R35]

Abflug Front Bumper by Abflug for the Nissan GTR R35

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AbFlug Front Bumper for 2009-11 Nissan GT-R (CBA) [R35] 25030001/20141110001

The long anticipated front bumper for the Nissan GT-R R35 is now currently on sale. Designed to completely transform the unacceptable genuine front end appearance. The powerful design that embodies power and performance also expresses ruggedness, and the boldly adopted larger opening greatly improves the cooling efficiency of the intercooler and oil cooler. The product is a complete bolt-on specification with high accuracy, and it is compatible with both genuine lips and our lips.This product comes in FRP with a white gel coating to protect the product. This product is designed to completely replace the original front bumper. This kit includes the product body, as well as the aluminum net.

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