Voltex Type 7.5 Swan Neck GT-Wing for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]


Voltex Type-7.5 Swan Neck GT-Wing


End Plate Type

Include Special Base


Designed and manufactured by Voltex Racing Suzuka Japan, this Type 7.5 Swan Neck GT Wing is an alternative to the original Type 7. This product uses a center mounted swan neck. This product will work on most trunks with a flat or near flat surface.

For the same pricing, the Type 7 Swan Neck comes in a wide variety of sizing including:
– 1400mm, Large Endplate
– 1400mm, Medium Endplate
– 1500mm, Large Endplate
– 1500mm, Medium Endplate
– 1600mm, Large Endplate
– 1600mm, Medium Endplate

When ordering, please specify the size of wing, and the choice of endplates.

Recommended Application List:
Honda S2000
Scion FR-S
Mitsubishi Evo XII, XIII, IX, X
Nissan R35 GT-R