Voltex Rear Fender Flares for R35 Nissan GT-R


2009+ Nissan GT-R – Voltex Rear Fender Flares

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Voltex Rear Fender Flares for R35 Nissan GT-R

Bring a new level of sophistication and performance to your R35 GT-R with the Voltex Rear Fender Flares. These flares are not just a design enhancement—they are a bold statement of style and performance commitment, fine-tuning your GT-R’s aerodynamics.

Material and Craftsmanship

  • Each set of Voltex Rear Fender Flares is crafted from high-quality urethane, a material known for its excellent durability and flexibility. Urethane is an ideal choice for automotive applications, especially for fender flares, due to its resistance to impact, abrasions, and weather elements. This ensures your fender flares will stand up to the rigors of high-performance driving and maintain their aesthetic appeal over time.

Design and Fitment

  • Designed to integrate seamlessly with the GT-R’s existing lines, the Voltex Rear Fender Flares add an aggressive touch to your vehicle without compromising its inherent style. Each flare adds 10mm of width to each fender, resulting in a wider, more assertive stance that is sure to command attention on the road or track.
  • The widened stance not only creates an imposing look but also allows for the accommodation of wider tires. This enhancement can significantly improve your GT-R’s grip and handling, particularly during high-speed cornering.

Performance Impact

  • While the wider stance offers an aesthetic appeal, it also serves a functional purpose. By allowing for larger tires, these flares can improve the vehicle’s traction and stability. Furthermore, the addition of the Voltex Rear Fender Flares helps to manage airflow around the vehicle, reducing drag and improving aerodynamic efficiency.


  • 2009+ Nissan GT-R – R35

About Voltex Racing Suzuka

Voltex Racing Suzuka is a renowned Japanese company known for its high-performance aerodynamic components and body kits. Established in 1995 in Suzuka, Japan, the heart of Japan’s motorsports scene, Voltex Racing Suzuka leverages its deep racing heritage to design and manufacture parts that significantly enhance vehicle performance.

The company’s product line includes a variety of aerodynamic components such as body kits, diffusers, spoilers, wings, and fender flares, all meticulously designed and engineered to improve vehicle handling and stability. By focusing on aerodynamics, Voltex Racing Suzuka aids in the optimization of vehicles for high-speed performance.

At Voltex Racing Suzuka, all products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they deliver in the most demanding circumstances. The company uses its own wind tunnel to analyze the aerodynamic attributes of their components, enabling them to optimize designs for maximum efficiency and performance. This commitment to rigorous testing and continuous improvement has made Voltex a trusted name in the racing industry.

Beyond performance, Voltex Racing Suzuka is also known for its unique, aggressive aesthetic. The company’s parts give vehicles a distinct, race-ready look that is recognized and respected worldwide.

Voltex Racing Suzuka’s dedication to quality, performance, and style has earned it a global following. Whether on professional race tracks or on the street, Voltex components are chosen by drivers who demand the very best from their vehicles. The company’s passion for motorsports and commitment to excellence continues to drive its innovation, making Voltex Racing a leader in the high-performance automotive industry.

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