Recaro SR-7 Lassic Reclining Sports Seat


Recaro Japan SR-7 Lassic Reclining Seats

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The SR-7 is a functional, dynamic sea that incorporates updated and optimized features of the former SR-III , a very popular bucket type seat which was developed based on the knowhow nurtured in circuits and rallies, covered by a innovative modern, timeless design. It is easy to operate and despite being an entry model it offers excellent quality.

The RECARO SR-7 LASSIC comes with an outstanding cover design based on black Kamui and Shining Mesh in combination with 6 exciting leather color version. The SR-7 LASSIC conveys exclusivity and uniqueness to each single car interior. 


Standard features:
Step-less recliner (dial type for both sides), shoulder support, lumbar support (pad insertion type) belt holes for safety harness, high grip side support, long & deep seat cushion, rubber mat suspension system.