HKS Intercooler Pipe Kit for 2012-19 Nissan GT-R [R35] 13002-AN003


2012-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

HKS PN: 13002-AN003

Performance product by HKS, a famous Japanese production and sales of aftermarket parts for JDM cars.


  • The factory rubber hoses are replaced to Aluminum Pipes to be more durable at high boost pressure.
  • The pipe diameter is enlarged to 65mm. The pipes w/ enlarged diameter are effective for higher engine output.
  • Purple and HKS logo printed hoses are included.
  • The Aluminum pipes’ buffing surfaces improve the engine compartment appearance.
  • In order to install this kit, HKS Super SQV4 Kit (P/N 71008-AN027) is required.
  • This Piping Kit is included in the GT570 & GT600 Packages.

HKS Piping kits are made of aluminum for increased durability and safety. The pipes have been redesigned to decrease the number of bends and to increase bend radius to minimize pressure loss and flow resistance. Keep in mind that stock plastic or rubber intercooler pipes can expand or crack under high boost levels. In addition to this, stock pipes have many bends which in some places are very tight radius which causes much resistance and pressure drop.