Akrapovic Evolution Full Exhaust System (With Choice of Tip – CF or Ti) for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]


Gives the vehicle an additional 17HP @ 6,260RPM making daily driving fun.


When Akrapovic undertook the design of an exhaust for the R35 GT-R, they realized they had an amazing machine on their hands. However, they felt the GT-R could use more power, less weight and a more aggressive sound. They’ve acheived all of these goals with their Evolution exhaust system. The exhaust produces 17 more horsepower while shaving 38 pounds from the stock exhaust system. They are also particularly proud of the exhaust note which is much more aggressive. This full system includes a mid-pipe and features flawless full-titanium construction with beautiful, smooth bends. The exhaust terminates with either subtle polished titanium or carbon fiber tips.

NOTE: This price does not include the exhaust tips. You have the choice of carbon fiber or titanium tips at an additional cost.