Brand_RR Front Bumper (LED DRL Version) for 2007-16 Nissan GT-R [R35]


2012-16 Nissan GT-R [R35] DBA
2008-11 Nissan GT-R [R35] CBA

GT-RR brand_RR Front Bumper, LED DRL Version for the Nissan GT-R R35


This front bumper was produced especially for upgrading GT-Rs to the DBA-R35 front end. It is cross compatible and will fit on every year R35 GT-R (before and after minor change). The shape has been modified subtly to allow the direct fitting of the front diffuser of the earlier model CBA-R35 (up to 2011 US model year) GT-Rs. This bumper will accept the OEM Nissan diffuser or any aftermarket diffuser designed for all CBA-R35 GT-Rs.
The bumper will attach to every model year R35 GT-R both old and new (both CBA and DBA 2012+ versions). As such, this also allows new GT-R owners to attach any of the popular aftermarket front diffusers to their DBA-R35s.
The bumper is produced by hand laid fiberglass in the USA and comes in a matte black black finish.

  • Now any CBA front aero part can be compatible with the 2012-16 DBA GT-R!!!
  • Up until this point, no aftermarket aero parts have been able to be fit to the new GT-R; even Mines was forced to build their new demo car without aero upgrades.
  • This bumper will fit the 2012-16 DBA-R35 and ’07-11 CBA-R35
  • Designed for those ’07-11 GT-R owners that want the new ’12 look, but want to keep their existing front lip spoilers or diffusers.
  • For those with 2012 GT-Rs looking to add some of the existing aero parts, this is it!
  • Daytime Running Lamps

NOTE for all CBA-R35 owners (All R35 GT-Rs up to 2012 model year): We sell separately the factory Nissan LED driving lights, Nissan DBA upper and lower mesh grills, and DBA upper grill as needed. We are happy to provide those Nissan parts at a discount to assist buyers of this bumper.

Please contact us for details.*

For all DBA-R35 owners (All R35 GT-Rs 2012 model year and newer): You may swap your factory Nissan mesh grills, upper grill and LED driving lights into this bumper so that other parts need not be purchased. —-

Optional Parts and Installation Notes for brand_RR Cross Compatibility Version Bumper:

** For installation on DBA-R35s (2012+ US Spec GT-Rs) The stock hardware and grills from the stock bumper may be installed with our bumper and no additional parts should be needed for installation. *** For installation on CBA-R35s (MY2008-2010 JDM Spec cars and 2009-2011 US Spec GT-Rs) A. You will need a DBA-R35 grill. We can supply the factory Nissan OEM grill at a discounted rate to anyone buying a bumper. Regular price of OEM Grill: $507.73 and our special price on it is $395.00 We are also offering a full carbon fiber replacement for a price of $395.00 to those that purchase a bumper. B. The brackets for the side winkers detach from your old bumper and swap on to the new bumper. C. The front tow hook cover will fit and can be taken from your previous bumper D. If you order the LED DRL version of the bumper, you will need to additionally purchase the Nissan OEM LED DRLs.


We can happily supply them at a discount for bumper clients. For a set of two LED DRLs with brackets – Regular price: $1432.98, special price for bumper clients: $995.00 E – Mesh Grill Set Option 1 (Plastic OEM). The factory Nissan DBA mesh grills (upper and lower) can be purchased from us at a discounted rate if desired or the bumper can be installed without the grills or with other grills (see below). To keep a completely OEM appearance we suggest using the OEM Nissan mesh grills from the DBA-R35. However they are quite expensive from Nissan so we realize many people may opt for alternative mesh designs or open designs. The OEM upper mesh grill price is $408.45 and our special price on it is $295.00.

OEM lower mesh grill price is $214.92, Special Price $185.00. E – Mesh Grill Set Option 2 (Black Aluminum Aftermarket). We can provide black powdercoated premium metal mesh grills as an alternative to the more expensive OEM grills. If you order this way we will pre-install them with the bumper. Rather than pay $500 for the OEM plastic grills we can offer the upper and lower metal mesh grill set installed for $120. These fit nicely and are a great option for those who do not require the OEM plastic mesh look. F. Your body shop will need to arrange for wiring in the LEDs if you choose the LED model. Wiring is pre-built into DBA-R35s but if you have a CBA-R35 you will need to make your own wiring much like installing a set of fog lights in any car. G. The GT-R front emblem can be used from earlier model GT-Rs without any problem. H. The Oil Cooler duct is very slightly different between the older and newer GT-Rs. The bumper will fit while keeping the old oil cooler duct with a very minimal gap found behind the bumper. The gap is not easily seen. If you want a 100% OEM mate up fitment between the oil cooler duct and the bumper we provide a DBA 2012 OEM Nissan spec oil cooler duct. We offer this option at a discounted rate of $112. Please note that our vision for the bumper is to use only OEM Nissan grills, oil cooler duct and hardware. If using all Nissan OEM parts, we are very confident in the finished result.

GT-RR Pricing Difference

We do pricing a little differently. Every price you see includes the shipping cost to our office in Los Angeles, California. This does a few things for you; firstly it creates a built in cost savings, no hidden fees, and less hassles. The best part is we still have a price match guarantee! Click here for more information.