Bensopra GT Rear Wing for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]


2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

Bensopra Rear Wing for the Nissan GT-R R35

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Bensopra Rear Wing for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

Designed and manufactured by Bensopra, the rear wing for the Nissan GTR R35 is a massive and intimdating addition to the Godzilla. The product’s unique placement and design keeps the head turning, aggressive impression for the GTR.

The BenSopra Rear GT Wing is easily one of the most recognizable wings available for this platform since its debut. Mounted at the complete rear end of the vehicle..independent of the body gives the cleanest air flow possible meanwhile providing as much aerodynamic down force as possible. It’s easy to see there is no other GT wing quite as aggressive and functional quite like it.