Aragosta Type-SA Coilover Suspension for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

Aragosta Type-SA Coilover Suspension Kit for R35 Nissan GT-R

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Aragosta Type-SA Coilover Suspension for 2009-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

Spring and Height Adjustment Specs:

  • Front Spring Rate = 16kg/mm; Front initial drop of -15mm (~0.5”) and an adjustment range of +20mm〜-20mm (+0.75” ~ -0.75”)
  • Rear Spring Rate = 14.3kg/mm; Rear initial drop of -20mm (~0.75”) and an adjustment range of +35mm〜-15mm (+1.33” ~ -0.5”)


  • Coilovers (4x dampers + Rana Springs)
  • Adjustment Wrenches

Famed Japanese aftermarket and race suspension manufacturer Aragosta recently released a very unique new offering exclusively for the R35 Nissan GT-R. Designed in Japan and produced in the Netherlands using the best in race suspension expertise and technology, the “Type-SA” coilover kits are designed for GT-R owners that feel the need to upgrade their suspension, but still value the electronic adjustability provided by the stock dampers. The Type-SA kit is available in two variations:

NOTE: Pictured is the optional Aragosta Cup Lifter System, which allows the driver to raise the front height of the vehicle on the fly to prevent damage when exiting steep driveways, or passing over tall obstacles, speed bumps, etc. 

Designed a plug and play system, the Type-SA PnP version is the first full replacement coilover kit capable of retaining the OEM 3-way electronic ride settings of Comfort, Normal and R.

The Type-SA Ace variation brings yet another, completely new product offering to the R35 GT-R market – driver programmable, computer-controlled dampening adjustments.

Utilizing its own ECU and accelerometers, the Type-SA Ace system takes the 3-way OEM adjustment range and adds 2 more stages for a total of 5 driver-adjustable settings. In addition to the 5-way adjustment, the included ECU also allows for pre-programmed, left / right or even coilover-individualized settings to further increase tune-ability.

As the Type-SA kits are based on Aragosta’s Type-S series of dampers, they are designed with both comfortable street cruising, as well as track-use in mind. The Type-SA PnP includes many of the high tech features of the standard Type-S coilovers including low-friction, WPC-treated inverted struts, height-adjustable Rana springs, Kashima-coated forged aluminum cylinders, specially formulated synthetic damper fluid and Aragosta’s unique low friction seals. Additionally, the Type-SA features 20-click rebound adjustment knobs on the bottom of each damper, as well as pillowball upper mounts.

(Kashima Coat is a special, ultra-low friction anodizing process that infuses molybdenum alloy, providing better corrosion resistance and a smoother surface than standard anodized aluminum. Kashima Coat is especially effective for damper cartridges, as tiny oil molecules can stick to the surface causing it to become even slicker, thus allowing for even smoother operation. Dampers utilizing Kashima Coat are revered for their smoother feel and response over rough and bumpy surfaces both on and off the track.)