Aragosta Suspension with Cup Kit Front


Nissan R35 GT-R Suspension with Cup Kit Front

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The Aragosta Cup system is a revolutionary system desgined to avoid possible situations such as doorways and steep parking slope, the scraping of the underside of your car on road surface for lowered vehicles.

The cup features an upper section that RAISES the vehicle height in a short period of time with the switch operation from the driver’s seat. After you have cleared the obstacle, you can enjoy running the stylish lowered vehicle height again. (The amount of height adjustment will vary according to the model. Some vehicles have the option for Front Only kits as well as All Four Wheel kits.)

The Cup function does not effect the vehicles handling while driving, suspension performance and function remains as great as always with Aragosuta. Unlike the traditional air suspension kits, there is no wrories about the handling with this system in place.

Operation is realized with ease at the push of a button. The small switches make it possible to hide the installation of these.

The Air tank and compressor is designed the minimum size as required by the Aragosuta Cup only. These take up very little trunk space which still allows you to use space around hte system.

  • All parts included for an easy installation.
  • Height adjustments of about 40 ~ 70mm in just 1 second by the cup function.
  • It is equipped with Roberta cup unit with excellent reliability.
  • The kits come complete with the dampers.
  • Hold the Aragosuta suspension performance of conventional normal driving.
  • Full length adjustment function which creates a low form without sacrificing stroke.
  • Sports performance 12-stage damping force adjustment.
  • 3-year warranty with the peace of mind to prove the durability.
  • Other vehicles available but not listed.  Contact us if you would like us to check for you