Aragosta 16K/10K Type S Suspension Kit w/ Pillowball Upper Mounts for R35 Nissan GT-R


Aragosta 16K/10K Type S Suspension Kit with Pillowball Upper Mounts

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Aragosta 16K/10K Type S Suspension Kit w/ Pillowball Upper Mounts for R35 Nissan GT-R

Aragosta Type S Coilover Suspension systems have been meticulously engineered to deliver an optimum driving experience during spirited driving, be it on winding back roads or competitive circuit tracks. These coilovers boast balanced, linear handling, and seamless traction, establishing themselves as the epitome of precision design. With their wide range of adjustability, they are equally adept as daily drivers and weekend warriors, excelling in almost any driving scenario.

The Apex of Smooth Performance

  • At the core of Aragosta Type S Coilover Suspension systems is an ultra-lightweight, high-pressure forged aluminum cylinder treated with state-of-the-art film treatment and Kashima coating. By infusing molybdenum through special treatment, the cylinder achieves remarkable lubricity, surpassing the friction reduction and durability of conventional hard alumite coatings. This results in exceptional linearity, smoothness, and impressive traction ability at a high level.

Precision Machining with Performance Priority

  • Aragosta places paramount importance on the processing accuracy of the cylinder, achieving surface roughness levels of 0.2 microns and 2/10000 mm for both aluminum and steel cylinders. Furthermore, an advanced honing treatment enhances the surface accuracy and roundness inside the cylinder to meet precise specifications. Such meticulous precision in cylinder processing is a rarity among damper manufacturers.

Cutting-Edge Finishing Technology

  • The steel cylinder and outer case of Aragosta Type S Coilover Suspension systems are coated with cationic electrodeposition coating, renowned for its unrivaled rust prevention, impact resistance, and durability. This coating reliably electrodeposits into every thread corner, ensuring maximum coverage and an extended lifespan.

Equipped with High-Performance Spring as Standard

  • As a standard feature, all Aragosta Type S Coilover Suspension systems come equipped with Rana springs, embodying the ideal characteristics of a series-wound spring. Apart from their superior quality and durability, the linear characteristics of these springs contribute to maximizing damper performance.

Fine-Tuned Internal Structure

  • Aragosta’s exceptional performance is bolstered by damper pistons and needles designed to precisely control fine damping characteristics even at extremely low speeds. This wide range of damping control, spanning from comfort to sporty driving, significantly enhances traction performance. Additionally, the external damping force adjustment mechanism provides a clear characteristic change across its 20-step adjustment range, offering a smooth and direct click feel, catering to individual preferences.

High Hardness, High Efficiency WPC Processing

  • The inverted cartridge cylinder of Aragosta Type S Coilover Suspension systems incorporates precision shot peening (WPC processing), the leading technology for modifying metal surfaces. This innovation reduces the wear coefficient and significantly improves oil film retention in cylinders with high sway resistance. Aragosta’s commitment to prioritizing performance, even in parts that may not be immediately visible, is evident in this cutting-edge feature.


  • Premium rana springs for incredibly consistent rates and unmatched durability
  • Forged aluminum cylinders with Kashima coatings, providing incredible strength and corrosion resistance
  • High rigidity steel inverted struts and cation coating, ensuring long life and smooth operation
  • 20-step damper settings for an incredibly wide, usable range of adjustability
  • Fully height adjustable for personalized driving preferences
  • Various configuration options available, including pillow ball and rubber mounts
  • Aragosta Type S Coilover Suspension systems offer an exceptional blend of engineering excellence, advanced technology, and meticulous craftsmanship, elevating your driving experience to new heights during spirited driving pursuits

Kit Contents

  • Coilovers (4x dampers + rana springs)
  • Adjustment wrenches


  • Nissan GT-R: R35 (2009-2022)

About Aragosta Suspension

Aragosta Suspension is a premium manufacturer specializing in the development and production of high-performance suspension systems. With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, the company has consistently produced advanced products that enhance vehicle dynamics and performance. Founded by top-level motorsport suspension engineer, Mr. Junzo Shibahara, Aragosta blends Japanese precision and technical prowess with European handling philosophy. The company prides itself on the unparalleled craftsmanship of its coilover systems, meticulously engineered to provide superior handling, traction, and driving comfort for various applications, from daily commuting to competitive racing. The name Aragosta, Italian for ‘lobster’, was inspired by the hard, protective exoskeleton of a lobster, reflecting the company’s dedication to offering robust protection and optimal performance to vehicles. Today, Aragosta Suspension continues its pursuit of automotive excellence, standing as a symbol of quality, precision, and performance in the suspension industry worldwide.

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