APR Rear Bumper Skirts for 2017-19 Nissan GT-R [R35] FS-603527


2017-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

-Carbon Fiber Construction
-Includes Mounting Hardware

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APR Rear Bumper Skirts are the next step to help aerodynamically tune the handling of a car. Made of lightweight and durable carbon fiber composites, APR Rear Bumper Skirts help reduce lift at high speeds by preventing air at the sides of the car from rolling underneath the car.

If you’re wearing a stylish ensemble that suits your figure and your looks, you will definitely make heads turn and charm everyone who comes your way. Your ride can have the same effect on people with the right set of accessories and body kits. Installing a bumper skirt is one way of upgrading your car’s factory look into a customized version. Affordable, durable, and easy to install, this component is a preferred add-on by most auto enthusiasts because it accentuates the sleek lines of your ride and provides the illusion of a lowered suspension, transforming the vehicle into a handsome beast. Bumper skirts come in many shapes, designs, and sizes; most units possess a race-inspired theme though some are only custom-shaped to perfectly fit certain makes and models. Lots of skirts also come with a paintable finish to allow customers to choose the shade they want for the vehicle and to mix and match the style the unit with the exterior’s paint job as well as other auto accessories such as side skirts, deflectors, and more. Some of these have also been carefully molded and tested for superior fit and maximum coverage. More than the aesthetic appeal, this type of bumper skirt adds a layer of protection against front end collisions. A good skirt should have a tough design that packs plenty of durability and strength that will last for years.

  • Carbon Fiber Construction – All APR Rear Bumper Skirts are made in carbon fiber composites for lightweight and high strength.
  • Vehicle Specific Design – APR Rear Bumper Skirts are designed and manufactured for specific vehicles for perfect fitment.
  • Mounting Hardware Included

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