APR Front Bumper Canards for 2017-19 Nissan GT-R [R35] AB-603517


2017-19 Nissan GT-R [R35]

-Carbon Fiber Construction
-Includes Mounting Hardware
-UV Resistant Coating Helps Resist Sunfade


APR Front Bumper Canards are the perfect answer to aerodynamically tune the handling for the front of a car. Made of lightweight and durable carbon graphite composites, front bumper canards help increase front downforce at high speeds.

APR Performance Front Bumper Canard help to aerodynamically fine-tune downforce balance. Formed in the autoclave at high temperatures, the APR Performance Front Bumper Canards are made from pre-preg carbon fiber materials to be strong and lightweight.

Known for weight savings and durability, APR Performance Front Bumper Canard is formed in the autoclave at high temperatures using pre-preg manufacturing processes. APR Performance Front Bumper Canard is molded to conform to the existing factory bumper. APR Performance Front Bumper Canards help to re-direct drag-inducing turbulent air away from the wheel wells.


  • Carbon Fiber Construction
    These APR Front Bumper Canard are made using pre-impregnated carbon fiber manufacturing processes, for high strength and low weight.
  • UV Resistant Coating
    Each APR Front Bumper Canard is made with UV-stable epoxy and clear-coat materials for resistance against fading.
  • Mounting Hardware Included
    Screws, nuts, and bolts are all included to allow you to install the APR Front Bumper Canard to your car.

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