Drag Suspension Package


Perfect for the fastest 1/4 miles times.


Allowing your GT-R to transfer weight smoothly during a launch is the trick to not shocking the tires into wheel spin. This suspension set up allows the rear end of your GT-R to squat further and at a controlled rate during a launch which improves traction and laying more power to the ground. In some cases of extreme power levels, you may lift the front wheels off the ground as the suspension works so well! This Suspension is designed to work with softer drag radials and slicks allowing them to perform the way they were intended to.

The soft, drag race specific valving and spring rates found in our drag suspension will also drastically reduce wheel hop. By reducing wheel hop, you are also significantly reducing wear and stress on your transmission and other drivetrain components. When the high level of power and torque from your GT-R is being applied to the ground during a full out launch on stock or performance suspensions, wheel hop often occurs due to its tight compression rates. In addition, it subjects your axles, differentials and other drivetrain components to abuse – all of which can be significantly reduced with the Alpha Drag Suspension Package.