AMS Performance Carbon Fiber / Clear Billet Intake Manifold with Standard Fuel Rail for R35 Nissan GT-R

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Carbon Fiber / Clear Billet Intake Manifold with Standard Fuel Rail

2009-2022 Nissan GT-R

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AMS Performance Carbon Fiber / Clear Billet Intake Manifold with Standard Fuel Rail for R35 Nissan GT-R

AMS has invested significant effort into the meticulous design of the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold, aiming to create the most efficient and power-producing intake manifold available for the GT-R. With careful attention to detail, AMS has crafted a manifold that excels in both efficiency and power delivery, setting it apart as a top performer in the GT-R market.

AMS has dedicated meticulous attention to design the Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Carbon Fiber Intake Manifold, ensuring it stands as the most efficient and power-producing option in the market. Every aspect of this high-performance induction component has been carefully considered, leaving no detail overlooked. Its stunning appearance alone makes it a perfect centerpiece for your GT-R’s engine bay. However, for those familiar with the Alpha product line, it is evident that our commitment extends beyond aesthetics, as we strive to provide you with an exceptional experience that goes far beyond expectations.

The Most Power Producing VR38 Intake Manifold On The Market

  • Contrary to many aftermarket manifolds that offer gains primarily at the upper end of the power band and experience diminishing performance at lower RPMs, the Alpha GT-R Carbon Fiber manifold delivers exceptional performance across the entire power range. When compared to the leading cast aluminum intake manifold available, the Alpha manifold not only generates higher horsepower and torque figures but does so consistently throughout the Entire Power Band. Right from the moment your turbos begin to spool up, the Alpha intake manifold begins to unleash more power and torque. Importantly, this enhanced performance does not come at the expense of response or power delivery throughout the entire RPM range.

Larger, Perfectly Molded Carbon Fiber Plenums

  • The proper functioning of the plenum is crucial for optimal performance of any intake manifold. In the case of the GT-R, there are two plenums, one for each bank. These plenums not only need to be sized correctly in terms of volume, but they also offer additional benefits when shaped in a manner that ensures even distribution of charged air among the precisely machined CNC aluminum velocity stack s leading into the runners. The lightweight carbon fiber plenums are meticulously molded and tapered to effectively channel the charged air, resulting in reduced turbulence and enhanced delivery of air to the engine. This design maintains balance and sustains maximum airflow velocity and pressure, ultimately leading to increased horsepower output from your GT-R.

The Difference Is In The Details

  • To ensure optimal airflow from the throttle body to the cylinder heads, AMS meticulously matches each manifold to its upper and lower running section. This involves precise engineering and tight tolerances at the junction where the upper and lower sections meet. However, AMS went even further to ensure perfect alignment of the upper and lower ports. They incorporated dowel locating pins to eliminate any steps or protrusions that could potentially create turbulence, which is commonly found in other aftermarket manifolds. This attention to detail and commitment to smooth airflow sets the AMS manifold apart and maximizes performance.

Rigorously Tested To Last

  • In their pursuit of offering an intake manifold with unparalleled strength and reliability, AMS collaborated with an industry expert. Utilizing aircraft-grade epoxies and employing carbon fiber layering techniques, they meticulously crafted a manifold that meets the stringent strength tolerances found in critical aerospace components. To ensure its durability, the finalized design underwent an extensive cycle testing process, enduring 144,000 repetitions from 0–50psi in a high-temperature environment, replicating over 20 years of average GT-R owner operation. To further validate its robustness, a burst test was conducted, subjecting the test manifold to over 150psi. These rigorous tests highlight the AMS manifold’s exceptional quality and endurance, setting it apart from other manifolds in the market.

Third Fuel Rail Engineered To Support Incredible Power

  • To cater to the demands of exceptionally high-powered GT-Rs, the Alpha intake manifold provides provisions for an additional Alpha fuel rail, ensuring an ample supply of fuel to feed a VR engine capable of producing well over 2000 horsepower. The precise positioning of fuel injectors plays a crucial role in maximizing fuel atomization and efficiency by optimizing the spray angle. Taking these factors into account, AMS’ engineers meticulously designed a third rail setup for the manifold. This configuration offers customers the flexibility to upgrade their standard two-rail Alpha carbon manifold to a three-rail system in the future.

Additional Support With Optional Alpha Billet Big Bore Throttle Bodies

  • If you’ve surpassed the limitations of the stock GT-R throttle bodies, it’s likely that they are hindering your performance, especially if your vehicle is generating over 800HP. To address this restriction, AMS offers the largest throttle bodies specifically designed for the R35 GT-R, ensuring seamless compatibility with their intake manifold. Upgrade to these larger throttle bodies and unlock the full potential of your GT-R’s perXformance.

Choose an Anodized Color Finish

  • Looking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your GT-R’s engine bay? Select from an impressive selection of anodized finishes for your Alpha intake manifold and achieve a seamless color coordination with your vehicle.
  • Not only will the Alpha intake manifold elevate the visual allure of your engine bay, but it will also maximize horsepower output, making it the ultimate centerpiece for performance enthusiasts.


  • The most powerful VR38 intake manifold on the market.
  • Show stopping design.
  • Over 30% lighter than the leading cast intake manifold.
  • Dowel pin aligned for smooth, continuous flow between upper and lower runners.
  • Dual MAP sensor ports allow for monitoring bank to bank differences in boost pressure.
  • Retains PCV and functions exactly like stock.
  • Extra vacuum ports on plenums.

Kit Contents

  • Carbon fiber manifold plenums


  • Alpha Performance R35 GT-R Big Bore Billet Throttle Bodies.
  • AMS Throttle Body Adapters Required for Use with OEM Throttle Bodies.
  • 3rd Fuel Rail for additional 6 injectors.
  • Custom Intake Runner Anodizing: Standard billet, Black, Blue, Gold, Purple, Red.
  • CNC billet aluminum upper and lower section gasket.
  • Throttle body and lower intake manifold gaskets.
  • All necessary vacuum fittings and hardware.


  • 2009-2011 Nissan GT-R – R35 | CBA
  • 2012-2016 Nissan GT-R – R35 | DBA
  • 2017+ Nissan GT-R – R35 | EBA
  • Fits all USDM, JDM and European Models (LHD & RHD)


  • Alpha upper intercooler pipe adapter for current Alpha intercooler piping or full Alpha Induction Kit is required.
  • While other fuel rail kits may work (stock rails are not compatible), AMS can only guarantee AMS/ALPHA Fuel rails to be compatible with this Intake Manifold.
  • Custom color anodizing can extend your build time.
  • As these motorsports grade carbon fiber parts are hand laid, slight imperfections or weave pattern variances can be expected.


  • While AMS believes this product is either CARB EO exemption applicable, or complies with the EPA’s Anti-Tampering Policy, they have not completed the required testing and administrative process at this time. This product is not available to purchase for emissions-controlled vehicles located within the state of California, or available to ship to California addresses, without a completed AMS Race Waiver form. International users outside of the United States should act in accordance with their local laws and regulations.

About AMS Performance

AMS Performance is founded on principles of integrity and is dedicated to automotive performance, particularly for turbocharged vehicles. As a leading manufacturer of automotive performance parts, AMS not only offers a wide range of high-quality components but also provides additional services such as in-house engine computer calibration, parts and package installations, and engine and transmission building.

At AMS, their primary focus lies in engineering. Unlike other shops, they prioritize the development of components that deliver unparalleled performance. Their approach goes beyond a basic understanding of engine performance, utilizing computer-aided designs and employing mechanical engineers with extensive experience in the motorsports field.

With a history spanning two decades, AMS Performance has consistently maintained its position at the forefront of the industry. Whether you seek complete turn-key packages or individual components, AMS has the expertise to meet and surpass various performance goals. From drag racing to road racing and everything in between, AMS is ready to enhance your driving experience and elevate your vehicle’s performance to new heights.

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