Customer Spotlight - Lyes' GT-R-0

Customer Spotlight – Lyes’ GT-R

This subtle GT-R features a plethora of interior and exterior upgrades that make it at home on the streets of Paris and Monaco that its owner often prowls.

Customer Spotlight - Red Katana GT-R-0

Customer Spotlight – Red Katana GT-R

The owner of this Red Katana 2012 Nissan GT-R always dreamed to have a Skyline GT-R. In the beginning he would say, “The performance of the GT-R versus the cost is hard to beat. I just wanted to add a …

Customer Spotlight- Gary's GT-R-0

Customer Spotlight- Gary’s GT-R

Gary has been a long time customer of Bulletproof and we were happy to help him source any part he wanted for his GT-R. The pictures of this dry carbon beast speak for themselves but check out the featured mod …

Customer Spotlight - Ramal's Bulletproof GT-R-0

Ramal’s Bulletproof GT-R

Featured on the cover of Modified magazine in January 2014, this special build was managed in-house with Switzer Performance providing the 1200HP R1K package and tuning. The car features an unbelievable selection of top quality products including Adv.1 Wheels, Alcon …